24th APRIL, 2011

Birmingham WALCSS Show

Here is a flavour of the day - apologies if we missed your moment of glory but if you

send us a picture we will be glad to include it.


                                                                                           'Five High'                                                                                           'There's a clever Mom'

                                        Best In Show                       Res. Best In Show/Best Veteran                   Best Puppy In Show

Carol Gough Memorial                                             'St Georges' Cup

Herman Memorial

Herman Progeny

Zoeweiss Stakes

Winning Puppies


      Champion GSD Puppy             Best Standard Coat & Std Coat Veteran                         Best Col Long Coat Veteran


Champion GSD and Reserve Champion GSD

Best GSD Rescue

Best and Res GSD Novelty

Best Family Group?


Obedience - 'Junior Proms' class

Obedience - 'Big Heads' class


Tunnel Vision                                                                                            Over we go!

                                                      More of a climb than a jump for this little chap                                                                                Tyred!?

Agility Winners

Best and Reserve Non Pedigree

                                                                                     Best Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet Parade

Best Fancy Dress                                                     Best 'St George'


Best 'Tit Bit' Catcher


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