Delia and Beatrice

Delia and Beatrice


One Boxing Day, approximately twenty years ago, our youngest son Martyn and I were watching TV and a programme came on called "Snowy" about a White German Shepherd Dog in his first year of life with his family before he went on with his training as a Guild Dog for the Blind. I could not get this beautiful white dog out of my mind and I just had to find one. Well, it took us three years to find one. A friend ‘phoned me at work and said that she had seen a litter advertised in the local newspaper so I telephoned and there was just one bitch left. We rushed out and got the money together and hurried over only to learn that the puppy had been sold. We were so disappointed but, were informed that we would be contacted when the next litter arrived. In February 1985 we received a ‘phone call and made arrangements to go to Lichfield, not too many miles away. The breeder brought in just one very small puppy but she was adorable, and so began our love affair with White German Shepherds. We called her Zoe; she was a wonderful girl and such an asset to the family. Exactly one year later we went to Newquay in Wales and brought home Kati, a beautiful white long coat this time. Zoe and Kati loved each other instantly and because they had so much fun together, we vowed then that we would never have just one dog on its own again. Little did I know that we would end up with a house full.


Our home

Our kennel

Zoe was almost two when we decided that we would let her have just one litter. We found a gorgeous big long coat boy in Oxford and Zoe produced ten beautiful puppies, six boys and four girls. From this litter we kept one little girl, Polly, she just crept into our hearts. Eventually Polly gave birth to 11 puppies and we kept Anna and Lucy, one long and one short coat and so the family goes on. Anna produced Becky and Lucy produced Beatrice, Evie and Ronnie. Becky produced Rosie and Beatrice produced Ami and Jackson which brings us up to date. The exception to this is Josie who we bought in.  Josie is a very white long coat and both her parents were black and tan shepherds from champion stock. All our dogs live in the comfort of our home and we like them all to be treated the same and all get the same amount of attention.



Our one claim to fame is that three of our girls, Polly, Lucy and Anna, along with another two white shepherds appeared on "Top of the Pops." They appeared in a video with The Manic Street Preachers on the record "From Despair to Where." It was on an album "Gold Against the Soul" which reached No 5 in the album charts.


In May 1993 we were out in Shropshire with our dogs and we came across an Exemption Dog Show so we went in just to look around. We decided to put the dogs in some of the classes and were over the moon when Anna got a First Place in the Non Sporting Class. We then had the "show bug" and have since spent many enjoyable hours at dog shows, showing off our dogs and meeting like minded people. We now organize an annual dog show ourselves the proceeds of which go to charity.


We are both active members of the White and Long Coat German Shepherd Dog Society (WALCSS), Peter is Club Chairman and I am Newsletter Editor.  Should you require any information about WALCSS and/or may be interested in joining, go to the club website at www.walcss.co.uk.


All the puppies shown on our site are from our girls. We do not breed very often but puppies are available sometimes and we are always available for advice.  Contact us at: zoeweiss.kellybache@blueyonder.co.uk