We held our 12th Annual Dog Show

on 4th April 2010.

Once again we had a good day and the weather was reasonably kind.

Here are some pictures that give a flavour of the day.

If you have a picture that you would like including

I will be happy to do so.

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Quite a crowd waiting to start


Winning line up in the 'Carole Gough Memorial Rose Bowl' class


 Best White Minor Puppy                           Best Col. L/coat Puppy                       Best S/coat Minor Puppy


Easter Bonnet Parade Winner


Bark for the Parkers (Local dogs) line up


There can be some running to be done!!


Champion GSD Puppy


Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show - Companion Show


Best Veteran in Show                                                                                              Best & Res. Best Puppy in Show


Dog & Owner look alike class -- use your imagination!!


Best & Res. Best Novelty in Show


Won a class and looks very pleased about it!!!!


Res. Best GSD in Show & Best GSD in show


Zoeweiss Stakes winner


Late in the day (look at the shadows) but people and dogs are still competing!!


Apologies if we missed your moment of triumph

as I said - if you have a picture, send it and I will put it on

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